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love is a digusting habit.

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Sleeping Beauty Concept Art

When I try to make myself feel better after a break-up


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Leon Trotsky Thinks You’re Hotsky


Leon Trotsky Thinks You’re Hotsky


Paperman by Disney is a wordless tale of romance between two strangers in mid-century New York City, the movie is a simple construct, supremely well-rendered, and in black-and-white, except for a few crucial blotches of red lipstick. It may, in its modest way, point towards a new frontier in animation, where computer-generated visuals are brought face to face with old-style hand-drawing, because it uses both at once. (Source: The Telegraph)

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ladies, read-memorize-read-apply-read-applyapplyapply!

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Always forward moving!!

I am just so happy and relieved I am where I am this January in comparison to last year’s January

Red flag, red flag, red flag!!!

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When he said “radiohead sounds like whining”